What is Community Acupuncture?

The Roncesvalles Community Acupuncture Clinic is an affordable acupuncture clinic offered six times per week at the Herbal Clinic and Dispensary on Roncesvalles Ave.

In Community Acupuncture, the cost of a treatment is less because the acupuncturistʼs time and space are shared. Groups of five or six people receive acupuncture simultaneously, resting in the quiet clinic while their needles are in place. In fact, this style of treatment is much more common in countries where Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrated Western Medicine are practiced. 

Many people enjoy the community setting, which enables them to come in with a friend or family member if they like.  Often people note the enhanced feeling of relaxation they experience from this kind of treatment.  The combined energy of people coming together to relax and heal in the same space often lends the room a very powerful feel.